This palm tree belonged to my nephew Christopher that passed away a few Decembers ago. He decorated it himself and loved the bright lights and the palm branches.  He loved to visit the sea, in New Orleans, Gulf Shores, Florida, anywhere, anytime he could with his family. This sits in the Living Room of his grandparent’s farm place to remind us that Christopher is still shining for us all. We will always love and miss him.

If you have something that your loved one loved or treasured and want to display it for the joy of their memory I encourage you to do just that.  Certainly, we feel our loss and pain and longing for them but just walking by something they loved or that brought them joy can make us smile, laugh aloud, or even cry tears of joy. Grief never leaves us. We simply learn to hide it and deal with it privately and go forward each day. Creating a moment of a good memory somewhere in your home’s Sacred Space has the power to help you heal and remember the good times.

When I miss Christopher I go in the living room and sit and think of his laughter, his joy, his fun side, his great cooking, even how much he loved his dog Duke. There are thousands of things to think about besides simply the loss of our loved one.

Find those things you have put away and celebrate the life of your loved one now in Heaven with God and Jesus. I encourage people that are missing those loved ones so much to have a birthday party for them and invite all that loved them so much.  People can share their personal stories and thoughts, crazy fun stories about those we loved that we may not have known about them. It is a way to share the love and joys of their lives and not only remember them but to help us all heal.

God bless you in creating a loving memory moment in your Sacred Space for those that you will see again once this life is done.

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Love and healing to you,

Rev. Alex Shaw